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AGRAZ wins a Unilever award on “Winning through Sustainability” at the Partner to Win event

On May 3rd 2012, Unilever awarded strategic supplier Agraz with the “Wining through sustainability. Embracing sustainability throughout their business” award at the 2012 Partner to Win event in London. Unilever is an FMCG committed to the sustainable development of its business and owns a portfolio of some of the world’s most recognized branded consumer products. We believe Unilever awards are extremely important and well valued by the industry and Agraz is really proud of this award that recognizes the valuable work our company is doing in sustainability, in persuading and helping our farmers to reduce the water usage, fertilizers, pesticides, improving the social welfare of our farmers, and encouraging biodiversity, as well as other projects. We want to take the opportunity to thank Unilever for their recognition of our performance and encouragement for our Group to increase efforts on sustainability. In the picture, Agraz receives the award from Chief Procurement Officer Mark Engel.

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