Agraz Xiangfeng



Our factory is located on the 3rd biggest region for the production of tomato for industry.

Xiangfeng equipments:

· 1 Triple Effect four stage Continuous Vacuum Evaporator model TW15C40000 from Triowin

· 1 Pre heater model TTS-PHE-55 from Triowin

· 1 Tube in Tube Sterilizer model RSTGN-9000P from Triowin

· 1 Aseptic Filling Machine model TWF-8-9000D from Triowin

Our Location

FUKANG XIANGFENG TOMATO PRODUCT CO, LTD. 阜康市祥丰番茄制品有限责任公司 Industry Park Tudunzi Farm. Fukang, Xinjiang. 阜康市土墩子农场工业园区 +34 924 44 80 86