The term sustainability,  by and large ignored during the past century by the corporate world, has in more recent years evolved to become   central and a key issue for  policy makers and corporate strategists.

Driven by stronger consumer awareness in ecological issues, in agriculture sustainability has grown from the need to develop an equilibrium and respect towards the environment, security in food and profitability for companies.

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Last centuries developments in industry and technology changed the agriculture landscape dramatically. If on the one hand it helped increase capital gains and helped reduce poverty around the world, on the other it generated a cost on the environment and also on its social aspects.

Today we are confronted with increasing world temperatures depletion of water resources and biodiversity. This is a price which the market has not been able to account for and which we cannot ignore any more as we have done in the past. The agricultural model that we have become used has become unsustainable.

Unilever is a FMCG and is well known around the world as it holds many famous brands that are sold globally. Unilever has taken sustainability at the forefront of its business strategy.  Aware of the importance of Sustainability in Growth it has developed an ambitious 10-year “sustainable living plan

With this plan Unilever intends to double its sales and halve its environmental impact.

In agriculture Unilever is making much progress towards sourcing of raw material; this has doubled in just one year and has now 24% of it sustainably sourced. It has increased renewable energy in factories and improved nutritional factor in their products.

Unilever has called on business leaders and politicians to broaden their thinking and to accept the reality of todays world and embrace this new business philosophy.

The corporate world is recognising that it needs to change and readjust to this new reality, and some companies are beginning to shift towards this direction.

Unilever is creating and developing new standards and new frameworks in the supply chain from sourcing to manufacturing and transport.

 On may 3rd 2012  Unilever awarded the supplier Agraz with the  “winning through sustainability embracing sustainability throughout their business” at the partner to win event in London .

The prize is very important for Agraz. It is a recognition of its efforts and contribution towards implementation of sustainability in its production processes.

Grupo Empresarial Agraz has recognized the importance of scaling up its processes beyond its traditional approach. It is working and collaborating with farmers in order to develop innovative  land management practices by thus reducing the impact on the environment through limiting the usage of fertilizers and pesticides, water waste  and improving biodiversity.

Agraz is planning to become a world leader  as a sustainable tomato ingredient producer and intends having 100% of its products sustainably sourced. These new policies are designed to increase knowledge and contribute to a better understanding of the experience today and the lessons  for the future.